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marketing material

is print still viable?

With extensive involvement with marketing , especially in printed materials, I’m often asked if using printed marketing materials like business cards, flyers, or brochures is still an effective method of advertising over digital marketing media.

The answer “Yes”

If you think in terms of distribution, affordability and personalization printed materials can still be very effective.


There’s a lot that one can experiment with when it comes to printed marketing materials. There’s no limit to the size, use of content or any other aspect in print marketing. Digital marketing on the other hand does have some limitations and rules which make it tough to hit the right audiences. Print marketing material allows you the option to add a personal touch and see the results for yourself.


Since most organizations today are opting in for digital marketing methods, print media is losing its appeal. While digital marketing is a lot more expensive in comparison to print media, most people think otherwise.

Finding the right marketing medium for your business may take some trial and error, but it’s always good to explore your options before investing in a medium which may not yield the desired. Digital marketing is not a very old form of advertising whereas print marketing has been around for a long time and is a tired and tested method that helps to promote a brand.


Printed marketing material is a lot easier to distribute in comparison to digital marketing material if you are looking to expand your market reach. It allows you to reach customers without requiring any of their personal contact information.

There are a number of large business houses who choose to send out mails to the target audience. While emails don’t guarantee whether or not the person has seen your product, a direct mail is a sure shot way of increasing product popularity. While many companies are switching to digital marketing, printed materials are still one of the strongest forms of promoting your product, service or brand.