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content creation

don't have time to write?

Good content needs to be highly readable and engaging for your customers, whether it is written or visual content. The ultimate goal is to have visitors want to return to your site. Most visitors to websites spend on average three minutes on a site, making it extremely important that the content is easy to navigate, read and that it flows.

Outsourcing your content creation is an easy and effective way to reap the benefits without all the work. One of the main reasons for outsourcing content creation is simply that you don’t have time to do it yourself. Researching, writing, and publishing content for your website, and creating regular social media or blog posts can be a full-time job in itself, that’s before you even consider other necessary tasks such as promotion and search engine optimization.

how often do you update or post content?

In today’s world we are all taking on more roles either in business or in our personal lives, leaving us with a limited number of hours a day to concentrate on our core activities and how to make the most of them. This might mean working on strategy if you’re a marketer, or dealing with other vital tasks if you’re a business owner.

While it may seem an easier or cheaper option to produce content yourself, this strategy is rarely the one that makes the most business sense. Outsourcing the writing or creation of content, while still having as much input as you wish, allows you the freedom to concentrate on other areas of your life without the stress of additional tasks. Our goal is to ensure your content is going to have any impact on your audience and bring you a benefit.

The ability to publish content on a more frequent schedule is one of the ways to make your business standout. But putting together high-quality content takes time. By allowing us to help you with your content creation, not only will you end up with high quality content that you have had input on, but you’ll gain back way more than your initial investment.

outsourcing allows you to focus on more important tasks

Outsourcing content creation can help you scale up your content without the need to hire a full-time writer. When you outsource, you’re simply paying for the content you order and nothing else, allowing you to outsource as much content as your budget will allow. When you outsource content creation, you have more time to focus on strategy, ideation, and marketing. We can provide you with tools that will allow you to make frequent updated without having to spend hours writing or having to hire full-time staff.

With seasonal variations throughout industry, there may be times of the year when it doesn’t make sense to invest in content, and other times when you want to go all out and produce as much as you can. Outsourcing offers you the flexibility so you can scale back when you need to and also scale up your production smoothly and easily as your business grows.

we can track with analytics

Often you have your own stories to tell and want to get your own viewpoint across in your content, especially if it has to do with the history your business. There is nothing to stop you from doing this. But working with a content creator, that can look at your content from a consumer’s point of view with fresh ideas and varied viewpoints can help to enhance those stories and bring them to life. It can be extremely beneficial for your overall content marketing plan to introduce new talent and ideas with writers who can express concepts in a way you may have never considered.

There’s a lot more to successful content creation than just writing. Our content creators will help you to define what exactly you want to achieve from your content creation and marketing and can offer the tools and experience to make sure you get there.

Not sure whether you’re getting enough out of your outsourced content to make it worth your investment? This is easy to track and measure. Success can be measured by looking at:

    • The number of views and subsequent conversions on a particular piece of content
    • Increase in your social media following, shares, and engagement.
    • Increase in your sales and/or business revenue following the implementation of your content marketing plan.

We will make sure that your content production aligns with the rest of your marketing plan so you’re publishing content at the right time to boost your other campaigns and increasing engagement across the board.

Content creation offers too many benefits to be ignored, but not everyone has the time or resources to be able to write and produce their own content in-house.