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professional headshots

using a selfie as your headshot?

please don't.

Investing in a high-quality, professional headshot is an investment in your personal brand. It shows you at your best, the way you want prospective clients to see you. A professional photographer that specializes in headshots knows how to position you, how to choose the best backdrop and how to use lighting to get the best shot possible. It is worth spending a little money to have it done right. Just like with products you get what you pay for.

use a professional

A photographer specializing in headshots can also provide advice on the best style of clothing and colors to wear. Think about the concept of “dressing for success”. Dress as you would in your work environment. If you are a business executive, wear a suit. If you are a doctor or nurse, wear your lab coat. If you are a fishing guide, wear what you would wear if you were on the water. You can also choose colors that are flattering to your skin tone and hair color. Generally, solid colors are better than patterns. For men, a brightly colored (but not too bold) tie paired with a classic white shirt and dark-toned suit is a nice choice.

As social media takes on more of an active role for businesses, having an impact-making headshot is more important than ever. Every social media platform requires a profile image, giving your headshot a far-reaching web presence in addition to the more traditional uses like the staff page of your organization’s website and publication in conference or speaking engagement–related materials.

Still not sure you need to invest in a professionally taken headshot? Here are six reasons why you should:

  1. Professionalism. A professional headshot is like your personal logo. It is the first impression, potential clients, investors, collaborators, etc. that don’t know you personally are going to see, making them more likely to agree to that first meeting.

  2. A professional headshot gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you. A smile portrays approachability. A serious look portrays determination. Let your personality shine.

  3. It reminds business contacts who you are if they met you in passing at a conference or business function. This little cue makes it more likely they will accept your “friend” or “follow” request.

  4. Just like your website your professional headshot needs to be current. It gives people an idea of what you look like now. If your promotional materials and web presence is outdated it can send the wrong message when clients meet you in person. Take pride in your image and make sure it is relevant.

  5. It supports and enhances the skills and experience on your LinkedIn profile, making you stand out from the rest. A professional headshot associated with your skills can help to get your noticed. One hint specific to LinkedIn is to look to the left so you are literally looking at your profile.

  6. It makes you feel good to look your best. Having a quality image of yourself to share with your professional peers boosts your self-confidence, and it can even inspire you to share more of yourself with others, take a few risks, and overcome work-related challenges.

everyone needs one

Professional headshots aren’t just for top executives anymore. Everybody needs one. If you don’t have one already, I encourage you to get one. This is a service that we can provide for you and your staff to ensure that you have consistency throughout. Just like having a great logo design, a great headshot will allow your professionalism and unique personality to shine through, opening doors to new opportunity and new business.