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content images

a picture is worth a thousand words

When we talk about content images we are not just referring to your product images, but any images that will be included on your site. Choosing the right images is important, as they can trigger all sorts of emotions and memories, which helps to engage the viewer. Sites like Pinterest do this very well. We go to quickly look something up and 30 minutes or more later we are still clicking around looking at all the things there is to find.

improve user experience

Content images can help you to attract attention and to guide your visitor’s line of sight. They are an easy way to improve the user experience of your website. A lot of people have better recall of visual information and often it’s easier to share than written content. Think of social media and the sharing of memes and photos or pictures of food that attract use to want to learn how to make it. Images can also cross language barriers a lot better than text can.

Your logo needs to be on your website. It helps visitors to identify a website and gives them the safe feeling that they are where they want to be. Showing your logo on every page of your site reminds visitors they have not yet left your site.

For every content image on your site, it is important to consider why you have chosen the image. Keep in mind that you should only use images that somehow support your content. So if you are not sure why you chose a particular image you may want to rethink your choice.

meaningful images retain attention

Use content images of real people interacting with your products if possible as it can be an effective way to get your visitors engaged. It makes them feel like they are actually connecting with your store. Try not to use stock images if possible, instead use high quality photographs of people, who really match your site’s character. Choose images with faces that might be able to help draw the line of sight to what you want the consumer to notice.

Let’s not forget about the background content images. They are a great way to create a unique atmosphere on your site, or give your visitors an immediate impression of what your site is about. Make sure you know exactly what effect you want your background image to have on your visitors and how you can incorporate that along with your site content. Be careful, background content images can easily make your site look messy, if there is no clear distinction between background and content.

The layout of your images is also very important. You don’t want your images to come across as banner ads. People don’t like ads and over the years they have successfully learned to ignore them or will simply move on to another site. Making small changes with shape and position of images or pairing them with text can help to change their impact.

Consistency is one thing that we reiterate, over and over. It is present throughout all of the services that we offer. Good quality, consistent information, and images are all components that make a brand stand out against the competitor. Our goal is to help you and your business stand out.