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video services

do videos work?

Just like with written content, concise videos that relate to what you want your viewer to know can be very effective. Each video type has a different purpose and is structured to be the most effective. Our video services team can help to create videos that are both engaging and educational, that will have the greatest impact for your audience. Like website content, videos need to be up-to-date and relevant. A video of a service that is no longer offered or that has completely changed can do more damage as it can be viewed as a lack of attention or caring.

Instructional videos

When we talk about instructional videos, we think about training videos (as part of WHMIS training or content specific courses related to your business), how-to videos for products, services or general skills (i.e.: how to, booking a service or how to apply make-up).

Video services cater to both visual and auditory learners and generally people process visual information much faster than text. However, some people retain educational material much better through audio. Video accommodates both styles of learning and in combination with text on your website allows you to have the greatest impact.

Whatever their purpose, instructional videos have a number of invaluable benefits to businesses that use them. They are available on demand eliminating the need to have specific times for training. Staff can take part in training at a time suitable to them, at their desks, at home or even across the globe.

They are sharable and they allow for the delivery of content in another medium than text. External instructional videos used to educate and inform your audience are priceless pieces of content that can be easily shared through social media platforms. If your business requires customers to complete certain training prior to using the facilities, videos are a great tool to allow customers to do the training in advance or once on site.

Product highlights videos

Let our video services team highlight your products or your operation in a different light. The possibilities are endless. We can help to create a virtual shopping experience for your clients with a virtual tour of your instore products before they begin shopping or let your customers have a behind the scene tour of how things operate. Research shows that retailers who provided online video to show off their products reported that the products with video sold a lot more than products without videos

Having a virtual experience in addition to your regular website content can be that extra step to put you in front of your competition. 90% of online shoppers to a major retailer’s website, said they found video helpful in making purchasing decisions.

According to comScore, 64% website visitors are more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. They also reported that visitors who view videos stay on the site an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos. The longer a visitor to your site stays the more likely they are to make a purchase.


If your website is more service orientated, including client testimonials in a video format can also help to boost your brand. Since videos are more sharable and are growing in popularity with social medial sites like Tic Toc, having videos of clients boasting about their experience are priceless. Not to mention if they share your videos it is like having free advertising. Word of mouth has always been a very powerful tool, whether it is positive or negative. Having well-constructed content that is sharable makes for greater word of mouth on a much larger scale and can lead to additional traffic to your site.

Whether you use video services for internal purposes or as part of your marketing plan, incorporating videos into your website a great medium for getting your message across!